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Thread: Quartering a moose

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    Quartering a moose

    I have only ever gutted/cleaned a couple deer and bear so far. We're headed up for my dads moose draw pretty soon and I can't find much on the internet on good intructions for quartering a moose. If someone can explain , it would be appreciated!


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    Re: Quartering a moose

    Quick and dirty of how I do it....Remove gut(same as Deer) I then remove the head, find the first rib near the stomach, count 3 ribs and cut through from the spine to the belly(same on other side) I then saw through the back bone. You now 2 halves, I usually saw the front half, starting at the end that was just sawn, cutting the backbone down the middle all the way through to the neck. Then saw through the back bone on the back half, starting on the end with the 3 ribs and cut towards the tail. 4 quarters ready to be loaded out!! Hope I got that out clear!! Best of luck on the hunt!!
    4 quarters skined and cleaned:

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    Re: Quartering a moose

    Gut it (it's the same as a deer, just larger), then cut it in half (we usually cut just after the second rib). Hang and skin it. To quarter, cut dead centre on the spine with a good saw (easier once you've done it a couple of times that's for sure).
    You could do the gutless method, but I would practice with a deer first.

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    Re: Quartering a moose

    Deer Processing 101 (DVD) shows how to quarter a deer. A moose is only bigger. Personally I wouldn't bother chopping through all that bone and spine. I'd debone the ribs, loins, and straps instead, then leave all that junk in the bush.

    If ya p/u the movie, you'll see that its pretty straight forward.

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    Re: Quartering a moose

    One thing about moose if you never saw one on the ground before. They are big and heavy. Use rope to tie on legs too keep spread apart. Cut the hide from the inside when you quarter so the hair don't get in the meat. Have a strong friend with you lol.
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    Re: Quartering a moose

    Take a look at the thread I have on 6x6 down and you will see what is left after quartering it and stripping the meat off it.

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    Re: Quartering a moose

    Forget gutting it, messy, slow and a pain in the butt.

    Do a search here on the no gut method. It is the only way to deal with a moose.

    Here is a few links

    Just do a google search "No Gut Method"...Lots of info.

    I guide for moose and it makes it an easy, very clean and fast way to do a moose. Once you do it, you will not go back to the old conventional way.

    I use a small 6x10 tarp to place the quarters on.

    PM me for more info and tips if you want.



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    Re: Quartering a moose

    I only go with the no gut method these days. I've done it on everything from deer, goats, caribou, and moose. I start to skin it from the back towards the stomach only as far as need be. Then take back quarter off, then front and finally backstrap and neck meat. Roll animal over and repeat. You end up with 4 pieces per side. You can reach into the body cavity from where the rear quarters meet the spin and remove tenderloins. Best part is minimal blood, no gut juice, and less time.

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    Re: Quartering a moose

    You didn't ask so I won't dwell on the gutting aspect. When I started hunting, quartering on Moose sized game was the order of the day. My Dad was very good with an ax and that's what he used for going down the back bone. A couple of attempts at 'mimicking' his skill made me realise, I didn't have it, and probably never would. He said his 'trick' for hitting a straight line was "it's all in how you hold your tongue".
    Soooo, on quite a few occasions what I ended up using was a hunting trip tool, a Homelite XL-12 powersaw using veg oil as a chain lube. Today, especially considering CW, I have to side with Mr. Dean and for the most part I think deboning is the way to go. Besides, when I used to take Moose quarters to my friendly butcher, the instructions were usually, "Bone it. The best roasts, the best steaks & chops and grind the rest for burger and sausage". So, why bother cutting bone?

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    Re: Quartering a moose

    I prefer to use a small axe or hatchet. The trick to hitting in the right spot is to lay the hatchet where you want it to split then hit it with another hatchet. Everyone packs a hatchet right. I find this to be much easier than a saw.

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