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    fishing news

    Fisheries & Oceans Canada
    Pacific Region

    Att: Susan Chambers RDG

    Dear Ms Chambers

    We the undersigned are writing to express our significant concerns regarding lack of communication with Fraser River DFO staff and failure to adequately address our concerns and acknowledge our offers of support toward working with DFO on issues such as selective fishing which could assist in developing the regulatory tools which could support a recreational in river bar fishery. This fishery in the past has demonstrated virtually zero interception of sockeye. Logic would suggest that had such a regulation been in force in 2023 we could have had opportunity on the very significant returns of 4-1 chinook.

    We find it disturbing that selective fishing proposals submitted by other sectors have been enthusiastically embraced by your Dept while our thoughtful submissions for a science based experimental fishery is ignored. The last SFAB conference board meeting attendees including DFO staff, recognized that a carefully controlled and documented short term, single location fishery could support much of the anecdotal and documented creel census conducted some years ago. This would support our position that bar fishing is extremely selective and can provide opportunity where we have currently zero openings.

    We understand that regulations must be in place, which is currently a priority with the SFAB Regulation committee. Your staff can confirm this issue has been doggedly pursued by the SFAB participants & member orgs for the past decade & beyond. We expect some positive closure to our joint Fraser and Skeena motions for bar fishing & leader length proposals will be forthcoming. Your support & follow up on this priority issue is greatly appreciated.

    We have also recently requested information toward establishing target points for in season estimates which will provide F/N priorities for FSC fisheries while at specific #'s could provide a rec opening. Our request for information has not been responded to or has there been any acknowledgement of our request. This lack of any follow up is very disturbing and we must question if we are on the priority list of must contacts within and outside of the SFAB process re Fraser fisheries? Failure to communicate raises concerns that our support is one sided.

    We respectfully suggest that your senior staff initiate a meeting ASAP to review our concerns and seek solutions. Our support toward working with DFO has been demonstrated in the past & continues. Past Fraser river special meetings in the past have been productive. With the newly formed Inland region there is now opportunity to address both Fraser and Skeena non tidal issues through the same venue. Failure to communicate raises questions how DFO is managing the resource for ALL Canadians.

    Thank you for you for your consideration and attention to our concerns.

    Rod Clapton
    BCFDF President
    SFAB Inland Region Chair

    B.C. Federation of Drift Fishers
    B.C. Wildlife Federation Main Board
    BCWF Region 2
    BCWF Region 6
    Fraser Valley Salmon Society
    Fraser River Guides Association
    Fraser River Sportfishing Alliance
    Lower Fraser Valley SFAC
    Upper Fraser Valley SFAC
    Mid Fraser SFAC
    Upper Fraser SFAC
    Lower Skeena SFAC
    Upper Skeena SFAC
    Pr. Rupert SFAC
    Vancouver Howe Sound Guides Assoc.
    Public Fishery Alliance

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    Re: fishing news

    42 gill and set net openings on the Fraser since beginning of April targetting endangered Upper and Mid Fraser stock Chinook.

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