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Thread: Off season goodies, preparation

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    Off season goodies, preparation

    Less than three months to hunting again, what are you all doing in your off season to prepare? - I recently moved and my wife finally moved in most of her crap which means lots of hunting and other hobby stuff has to go

    Getting rid of (sale or give away to newbs):

    - extra floating case. Old Northern Flight case that has some rips in the insulation.
    - for some reason kept all my old leaky waders. I have like four of them that I thought I might use for material for blinds or other things requiring camo but never got around to using them. Could they be patched? Probably but don't have the patience for it
    - big roll of Cordura in Shadow Blades camo. Again thought I would use it for projects but only used a small portion of it. Anyone have a big project in mind? I could part with it wholly or partially

    Upgrading plans:
    - I made my 4runner more hunter ready by adding in a sleeping platform/storage so that I can better organize my gear this fall
    - more powerful trolling motor or even electric outboard
    - ammo - always!

    Off-season training:
    - more skeet shooting
    - more scouting
    - getting more walks in because frankly I was out of shape last season'
    - more paddling practice in the kayak
    - need to get my marine radio license
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    Re: Off season goodies, preparation

    This year, goat & elk from Sept 15-30 up north. Flying into Ft St John. Been training hard the last 4 months. Jillian Michaels cardio workout 4 days a week and doing a hike weekly. Going to chase whitetails in Kettle River area Oct 9-14 and then probably chase blacktails Nov 8-11. In between, the usual duck/goose hunting.

    I purchased all of the equipment to start hand loading, specifically for my Christensen Arms FFT 300 WSM. Bought ADG brass and 4350 powder; going to try the Hornady 212g ELD-X and 208g ELD-M bullets. Hoping to get consistent to 600-700 yards or more.

    Bought additional points for Wyoming antelope and elk. Also, looking at buying a Utah pref point for swans...hoping to hunt down there next year possibly. Also, put in for the NR combo (elk/deer) for Montana and will apply early next year. Will try for the Alaska Emperor Goose again but don't have high hopes.

    Training is in full swing right now. Hoping to lose another 5-10lbs and get up to carrying a full 65lb pack up a 1000m in elevation in August.

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    Re: Off season goodies, preparation

    Shoot more trap. Hike more. Dog is attending grad school at Streamline Retrievers. House seems empty without her.

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    Re: Off season goodies, preparation

    I sold the snow geese decoys to a good guy.

    My roll of camo cordura I have to look at again as I had remembered I was going to make a small blind with them - but after i'm done there will be plenty left if someone wants to buy it

    I finally put up shelves in my man cave so I can better organize my hunting gear. Need more

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