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Thread: Axe Showdown

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    Axe Showdown

    Hultafors vs. Gränsfors vs. Fiskars vs. Adler - Choosing Your Perfect Cutting Companion
    When it comes to quality axes, three brands often stand out: Hultafors, Gränsfors, and Fiskars. Each has its unique strengths and characteristics, catering to different needs and preferences. Let's dive into what makes these brands special and help you decide which might be the best fit for you.

    • Hultafors

    Swedish-made Hultafors axes are known for their excellent craftsmanship and traditional design.

    • High-quality Swedish steel
    • Hand-forged with attention to detail
    • Excellent balance and weight distribution
    • Durable and long-lasting


    • Higher price point
    • May require more maintenance

    Best for: Traditional axe enthusiasts and professionals who appreciate fine craftsmanship.
    Buy options:

    • Hultafors Classic Hunting Axe
    • Hultafors Trekking Axe
    • Hultafors Felling Axe

    • Gränsfors Bruk

    Another Swedish brand, Gränsfors Bruk is renowned for its commitment to sustainability and superior quality.

    • Exceptional build quality
    • Environmentally conscious production
    • Each axe signed by its maker
    • Versatile range for various purposes


    • Premium pricing
    • Can be harder to find due to high demand

    Best for: Eco-conscious users and those who value artisanal quality and heritage.
    Buy options:

    • Gränsfors Bruk Small Forest Axe
    • Gränsfors Bruk Wildlife Hatchet
    • Gränsfors Bruk Scandinavian Forest Axe

    • Fiskars

    Finnish brand Fiskars offers modern design and innovation, often at a more accessible price point.

    • Innovative designs with modern materials
    • Generally more affordable
    • Lightweight and easy to handle
    • Low maintenance


    • Less traditional aesthetic
    • May not have the same longevity as hand-forged axes

    Best for: Casual users, beginners, and those who prefer modern design and materials.
    Buy options:

    • Fiskars X15 Chopping Axe
    • Fiskars X7 Hatchet
    • Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe


    • Craftsmanship:
      • Hultafors and Gränsfors: Hand-forged with traditional methods
      • Fiskars: Machine-made with modern techniques

    • Price:
      • Hultafors and Gränsfors: Higher price range
      • Fiskars: More budget-friendly

    • Design:
      • Hultafors and Gränsfors: Traditional, wooden handles
      • Fiskars: Modern, often with synthetic handles

    • Weight:
      • Hultafors and Gränsfors: Typically heavier, traditional weight
      • Fiskars: Often lighter due to modern materials

    • Maintenance:
      • Hultafors and Gränsfors: Require more care, especially for the wooden handles
      • Fiskars: Generally lower maintenance

    Choosing the Right Axe:

    • For traditional craftsmanship: Go with Hultafors or Gränsfors. These axes are perfect for those who appreciate the art of axe-making and don't mind spending extra for quality.
    • For eco-consciousness: Gränsfors Bruk stands out with its commitment to sustainable practices.
    • For modern innovation: Fiskars offers cutting-edge design and materials, often at a more accessible price point.
    • For beginners: Fiskars axes are generally easier to handle and maintain, making them a good starting point.
    • For professionals: Both Hultafors and Gränsfors offer professional-grade tools that can withstand heavy use.

    In conclusion, each of these brands offers excellent axes, but the best choice depends on your specific needs, budget, and preferences. Whether you're a traditionalist, an eco-warrior, or a modern innovator, there's an axe in this lineup for you.
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    Re: Axe Showdown

    Ox Head, old World quality made in Germany. Not cheap - Buy once/Cry once. My Saddle Axe one swing parts a 3 inch Poplar.


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    Re: Axe Showdown

    My primary go to is the Oxe-head. But it's mostly a felling axe.
    My boys started buying me the Gransfors-Bruk tools. I have three, splitting maul, axe and hatchet. I have fiskers and others.

    They may be a bit pricey but NOTHING compares to the Gransfors-Bruk. And, the head is signed by the blacksmith. Come on, that's cool.

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    Re: Axe Showdown

    Iltis & Council Tool

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    Re: Axe Showdown

    I think my hatchet is the little hultafors. The head is the perfect size for stuffing in my packsack but I wish it had a longer handle. I use it in conjunction with a mini plastic wedge for splitting wood. I can’t stand the plastic/composite handles and hard steel of the cheapies.

    We used to use the 4.5 pound aarvika for logging, but they supplied them so I can’t really compare it to much else.
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    Re: Axe Showdown

    After decades if using splitting mauls and axes I suspiciously bought a Fiskars splitting axe a few years ago as I heard good things but was skeptical. I couldn't believe what a machine this thing is. I'll never use anything else for splitting wood again.

    Never tried a general purpose Fiskars though.
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    Re: Axe Showdown

    Favorite is absolutely the Gransfors. They just just feel better. That being said, too many axes go missing from camp or cabin that I use the Fiskars more. They work.
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    Re: Axe Showdown

    Axe showdown and no pictures... so sad...
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    Re: Axe Showdown

    Fiskars Guy here, have the Hatchet, Chopper and Super Splitter, all do the jobs they were designed for. The Super Splitter has filled the cabin wood shed many, many times. Did buy Son and Son In Law really nice Hultafor Hatchets, beautiful keepsakes, as special gifts for them.

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    Re: Axe Showdown

    I have an Arvika felling axe ,never used it for felling but it sure as hell splits wood fine !
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