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Thread: Bear Down!

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    Bear Down!

    Another small boar but meat for the freezer. The Boss and Weatherby have outwitted me again.

    Not much to the story other than it was the last nite I had available to hunt this season. 150yds. Double Lung. He went 5-10yds and piled up. Very nice little guy - great pelt.

    And, I picked probably 40# of morels in 3 days.

    I kept heading to the area where I kept seeing HUGE prints but never did see the bear. I'd post more pix but it's too much of a PITA. I've got a lot to do today.

    Oh, and I saw a grizzly in the distance. 99% sure it was a Grizz. I thought it was a moose when I was driving by - so I stopped to give it a peek. Then, it was 'hey why isn't it raising up its head' and then 'oh, sh!+ - that's the wrong color!' It was that golden, yellowish color. It dropped down into a ravine before I could get a really close look or a pic. It was a few hundred yds away across a cut block anyway. For the record - I lived in AK - I've seen lots of grizz. It was within a km of Mildred Lake.

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    Re: Bear Down!

    Nice work. Those morels are quite the score too. And thanks for the heads up on the Grizz in that area - hunted 3-19 quite a bit over the past decade and never seen one or seen any sign of one. Just goes to show they could be living in almost every/any MU in the province.

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    Re: Bear Down!

    Right on congrats! Indeed it seems the griz can be anywhere in the province...

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