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Thread: Small animal to hunt near Coquitlam

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    Small animal to hunt near Coquitlam

    Hi team,

    I have recently obtained my FWID and now I am ready to get a license and go hunt. I have two small kids that require my attention at night, so I can only go on day trips, up to 2 hours drive from Coquitlam. I would like to start with some small animal that can be eaten (it doesn't have to be the best meat, I am just not into trophy hunting). I also would like to start ASAP, so I get experienced going out, hunting, skinning etc.

    Is there an animal and general area that you recommend me to go this spring and summer? The best I could come up with is grey squirrel, but AFAIK they usually live near the cities, where firearm discharge is not allowed. I have a .22 rifle and a 12ga shotgun.

    Thank you for your help!


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    Re: Small animal to hunt near Coquitlam

    Hi Marco,

    Welcome! I'm sure there are many folks on here with kids who can related to having limited time to spend hunting.

    You don't have the greatest timing I'm afraid. Unless I am mistaken there is no small game currently open in your region. (Region 2)

    Open seasons:
    Rabbits - August
    Grouse - September

    Squirrels I believe there is no open season in your area. I know over here in the Kootenays (Region 4) they have an unlimited open season if you are on your own property.

    A little bit of patience is going to be required while we work our way through the early part of the spring/summer. If you are interested in hunting deer, it's a great idea to start going into the woods to scout for animals - You could start researching this and doing day trips.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: Small animal to hunt near Coquitlam

    No closed season for grey squirrels in bc. I don't even think you need a hunting license for them I think.

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    Re: Small animal to hunt near Coquitlam

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