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Thread: 3 point slings

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    3 point slings

    Has anyone here have any 1st hand experience with 3 point slings. I used to use a safari sling for hands free walking but that got to be a PITA, I like my butler creek sling I have now, but am getting a little impatient with having to flip it back up onto the shoulder all the time.

    I see those adds for 3 points on Fakebook but am not inclined to risk spending money in that environment. I've tried near all the smaller retailers both here and the states, hell even the big box only sell "red head" stuff.

    Looking for a real person(s) with real experience!!

    Cheers Steeleco
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    Re: 3 point slings

    I've ran 3 point slings on my gas guns for years and wouldn't run anything else. For a hunting rifle I do have a 3 point on mine right now but almost never run it as a true 3 point as it gets caught on my bino harness. Granted I've been a bit lazy and haven't adjusted it correctly.

    Personally I really like them because of how versatile they are.

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    Re: 3 point slings

    Have been happy using a quick-adjustable 2-point with qd sling swivels mounted to the side of the rifle stock, a diy copy
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