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Thread: Bowhunting Spring Turkey as a beginner

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    Bowhunting Spring Turkey as a beginner

    Hello everyone, this is my first ever post on this site! I'm from Surrey and just turned 18 a bit ago and can now hunt alone legally. I've gotten my CORE and purchased a Diamond Infinite 305 compound bow. I want to try and hunt some turkey this spring and was wondering if anyone had any tips? This will be my first time ever hunting. I was planning on trying to shock gobble a bird in the early morning around the castlegar region. Was wondering if anyone had any tips or hunting methods? Any hunting spots would be great aswell and very appreciated!

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    Re: Bowhunting Spring Turkey as a beginner

    I've hunted turkey with bow and shotgun . Taken them with both.
    For bowhunting you will need to use decoys . Turkey pick off any movement from far away or close without a distraction. I use a jake and a hen usually . If you can find a place where a blind is viable , use it . If your going without a blind and using a bow, you have to wear a very good leafy suit and draw when the tom is focused on the decoy . The kill zone on a big turkey is very small . Watch videos on youtube to learn the kill zone .
    With a shotgun , pattern. It. Anda know your lethal distances .
    Be aware of other hunters when wearing camo . I already had a guy shoot my decoy believe it or not , so your set up should not put you in the line of fire .
    If your moving when you can see a turkey , he'll pick you off .
    Bowhunting turkey is very challenging .
    I could go on and on , but you can learn alot about calling, and set ups on youtube.
    I have taken them with recurve , longbow, modern shotgun and blackpowder.'s addictive .

    I don't think using a rifle is a good or safe option .

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    Re: Bowhunting Spring Turkey as a beginner

    Spend some time scouting, observe the flocks and where they are and go and at which times of day. If you can find a location where you know they are roosting you can setup nearby in the morning or evening, you'll have a good chance of calling in a Tom coming on or off the roost. If you want to minimize the variables on a bow hunt, try knocking on some doors and getting permission to hunt private land, you might find less distractions and can focus on your hunt and bow technique without worrying about other hunters, etc. on crown land. Per bluesman, having someone shoot at me and my decoys is a fear I have as well, some folks are quick to shoot at *anything* out there.

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    Re: Bowhunting Spring Turkey as a beginner

    Only hunted turkeys with a shotgun, successfully a few times. Donít setup anywhere near where someone can see you from a truck otherwise you will see trucks roll up, roll down the window and a barrel will poke out the window. If you do, just make sure youíre not in line of your decoys and the road otherwise you run a really good chance of getting shot. Lots of dumb people out there who think itís okay to shoot from inside a truck.

    shock gobbling with owl, crow or gobble help to locate the Tomís.
    Watch through glass, so you donít get close. If you can see them with your eyes they can see you. Best eyes in the animal kingdom.

    Movements must be very slow or hidden in a blind or under a tree bow. Or just be fully setup at all times with shotgun on your knee. I get you want to bow hunt but Iím about effective killing and bow hunting isnít thatÖat least not as effective as a shotgun.

    head to toe camo. Watch your glassing in the sun to avoid reflections. Watch for ticks.

    once you locate, which is the hardest part, then the fun begins. Try to see where they roost that evening and then donít sleep that night and be in to the area 2-3 hours before first light. You should only hear owls. Setup in the dark and wait. I donít call until birds are on ground. They should be able to see your decoys from their roost. If nothing spooks them, they should pitch down into your decoys if you picked the right spot. They like to pitch up hill not down hill into a somewhat open area. Donít setup right under their roost tree. Try thinking of where they want to be and setup somewhere on the fringe.

    good luck, itís a lot of fun. Just be safe and donít be afraid to shoot back at those trucks
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    Re: Bowhunting Spring Turkey as a beginner

    Full moon April 23, right mid season, wahoo
    Glad to say I have hunted Northern BC

    Simon Fraser had pretty good judgement on what he found in BC

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