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Thread: Couple happy 11yr olds.....

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    Couple happy 11yr olds.....

    Back in November we took out our farmers grandson Clayton and my grandson Caleb.
    It was Caleb's first duck hunt, Clayton had been out a few times this year and had shot a green head limit with 13 shells the previous time out. Caleb had shot 5 rounds of clays and did well coming in about 50% so we had high hopes this day.
    The birds did it right, good shooting by both boys and we limited out that day. We give the boys 1 shot each both for safety and to keep them focused on the shot. As birds work, we get them to shoulder the gun and stand bent over and barrel out. When it's time to shoot we tell them safety off,... go! Works well, hope next year we can get them shouldering the gun as they rise and getting them up to 2 shots.
    Clayton is a pretty good caller already, Caleb will be practising this off season and we hope to get them both calling ducks in next season.
    Clean up includes putting decoys away, picking up hulls and wads out in the grass.
    Great first season for these new hunters!

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    Re: Couple happy 11yr olds.....

    Looks like they had fun, congrats on taking them out and showing them the ropes.

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    Re: Couple happy 11yr olds.....

    Great to see kids out having fun. Good job boys!

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    Re: Couple happy 11yr olds.....

    That's awesome! Great Job Dano!
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