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Thread: Seems like a good grouse year

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    Seems like a good grouse year

    I was out in bow season a couple weeks back and we saw around 30 grouse. Could have taken quite a few with the bow but no bow season for them in Region 3.

    Figured I'd take this 12ga SXS Stoeger my brother gave me several years ago. After he passed I really wanted to do something with it and decided to scope it for those days you just want to walk around and be good for grouse up to 40 yards and deer 100 yards.

    On our way to camp Friday it picked up 5 grouse and on the way out today got a few more! Might post some more pics tomorrow.

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    Re: Seems like a good grouse year

    I spent quite a bit of time up in the bush in region 3 this summer. Didn’t see one chicken.
    as soon as September 1 hit they were everywhere. No problem getting a bag limit or two that’s for sure.
    seems like a second or even a third clutch.
    I know the quail have had about 4. Little ping pong balls running everywhere a couple of weeks ago.

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    Re: Seems like a good grouse year

    I think the deer numbers are up also. My son and I got the limit on grouse and saw a ton of deer. We also got some rabbits. We used various 22 rifles.
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    Re: Seems like a good grouse year

    This year I am trying hunting for the first time and I am interested in upland birds. I have been trying to get some Grouse, but with no luck so far.
    What section of region 3 I would be more successful, in your opinion.

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