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Thread: All inclusive salmon fishing?

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    All inclusive salmon fishing?

    Some old navy buddies and I are looking at getting together for a reunion. It's been 25 years or so since we all got together and figured a fishing trip out to the coast is a good idea. Any recommendations on where and who? Anyone one give a veterans discount? Who is the most understanding for a bunch of old hairy bags that might get a little drunk out?


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    Re: All inclusive salmon fishing?

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    Re: All inclusive salmon fishing?

    Black gold lodge in rivers inlet is a great place if you like do it yourself fishing then come back and either cook for yourself or have your meals cooked for you. Reasonably priced and great fishing the first two weeks of august for chinook and great coho the last two weeks of august
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    Re: All inclusive salmon fishing?

    Winter harbour would be my choice. I’m not sure if Glen will pick you up from the airport or you have to find your own way out, it’s pretty remote, but it’s a short run to the outside if you wan to fish for several days and not stay in town somewhere.
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