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Thread: Ally's First Burbot

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    Ally's First Burbot

    It was a little chilly out this morning as we headed out at 5am. We grabbed some drive through and got on the road. We got to the lake around 6 and walked out to drop lines. I just put down a spoon baited with a good size chunk of trout roe for Ally as she's not ready for the "Jigging for Hours" type of fishing. I settled into my spot and began jigging, hoping something would hit. After an hour or so we still had no success, Ally wanted to switch to a new hole but I convinced her to hold out longer.

    A few minutes after that she called out that she had a bite. I walked over to her line to see the tip of her rod gently bouncing from a fish nibbling. I grabbed the rod, set the hook and handed it back to her. She reeled furiously for a few minutes to bring in the 90 feet of line that was sitting on the bottom. She got the fish to the surface and I helped her pull it out of the hole. A nice little Burbot, just shy of 2 pounds.

    Another hour went by and she had another little nibble, but it seems that fish was a little more cautious and wouldn't fully commit. Well one fish is better than nothing. Despite the cold she had a pretty good time.

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    Re: Ally's First Burbot

    Awesome. They're delicious
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