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Thread: Whisker biscuit OR drop away?

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    Re: Whisker biscuit OR drop away?

    Quote Originally Posted by J_T View Post
    In my experience, when I use the compound, my initial compound had a WB. I liked it, quiet stable, took lots of animals. But, I do know it compromises speed and if it's worn a bit, it may compromise a bit of accuracy. I upgraded my compound and went to a drop away rest. Well, for East Kootenay hunting, that didn't work very well. By about day 3, we had two drop away rests (on two bows) broken. In one instance, it compromised a great opportunity on a good bull. I went back to the WB, and so did the other guy. Fortunately we had a couple spares in camp. But the uncertainty, during the hunt, was the decision maker. If you can't depend on it, try something you can depend on.

    Hey, with a 10 yard, 20 or 30 yard shot, the speed difference between a drop away and whisker bisquit, makes no difference. IMO

    Yikes thats brutal, do you remember which kind they were to warn some people here about bad rests? I started with a WB but it was hard to find arrows that werent super loud draeing back in it so I switched to a fall away. I know there was a huge variation of price for fall away rests and opted for the more expensive one and havent had a problem with it in the 3 years ive had it.
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    Re: Whisker biscuit OR drop away?

    Hard to beat the simplicity of a biscuit but I would agree with some speed loss and the chance of accuracy problems as it wears. I want to say it was a bit hard on fletchings but hard to tell. I have a drop away now and really like it but time will tell how user friendly and durable it will be.

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    Re: Whisker biscuit OR drop away?

    I've been using a Rip Cord drop away for years. Can turn the bow 90 degrees (limbs parallel with the ground) and the arrow remains on the rest. Stalked in on many animals and it keeps my arrow in place. There was only 1 occasion I thought it might not. The day I shot the elk in my avatar, I had to belly crawl over 100 yards on near open ground to get to some cover close enough to the elk where I could make a shot. Had to put the arrow in the quiver. But this was because I wanted to keep my broadhead from dragging across 100 yards of ground and dulling the $#%^ out of it.

    The only downside I can see to the drops away is its a mechanical device. More parts that can potentially fail. That said, the Ripcord rest that I use has been bullet proof thus far. I'm at about 15 years on it. Shot thousands of arrows and been on a pile of hunts in pretty nasty weather. Have replaced the strings on my bow, string loops, worn through a release and broke sight fibers. Only time the rest has moved since it was put on my bow years ago was when I had to make micro tune changes after string RxR.
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