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Thread: October Success

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    October Success

    I finally managed to down my first big game.

    One of my hunting buddies came running back to camp and told me he seen a nice 4 pointer just up the road. I grabbed my bow and followed him up the road while discussing a plan to ambush the buck he had seen. The plan was for me to work my way ahead of him on the other side of a ridge. Just beyond the ridge was some thick bush that he was likely heading towards. I was following him on the opposite side of the ridge, listening for snapping twigs, after about 10 minutes or so the snapping twigs were so close I decided to find a shooting lane and wait for him to appear.

    About 1-2 minutes later he appeared over the hill, and he definitely knew something was up. I was only wearing a puffy from kryptek and blue sweat pants so I figured he busted me. He was about 25 meters away when I fired my first shot, which was deflected by some branches, and with all the adrenaline pumping through me I didn't factor in my trajectory so I waited until he moved into a better spot. My follow up shot struck his lung and likely nicked his heart, so he only ran about 15 - 20 meters before starting his death wobble. Once he started to wobble I shot him a second time to end it quickly.

    It only took 3 years to get my first animal, but most of my experiences were solo and self learning, so I kind of expected it to take a while. Sadly my buddy was incorrect, it was actually a 3 pointer.

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    Re: October Success

    Congratulations, good achievement getting a deer down with a bow. Fair play.

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    Re: October Success

    Great job on getting your first archery buck

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    Re: October Success

    First big game with a bow - well done. That’s so great. Congrats

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    Re: October Success

    Always nice when a plan comes together!! Congrats!!

    Tip: Blue is probably the worst color to have on while doing a deer hunt.

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    Thumbs up Re: October Success


    One never ever forgets their first with a bow.
    And for many, it becomes a life long Addiction!

    Welcome to The Club!!


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    Re: October Success

    Awesome first buck! Congratulations.
    I love it when the seasons change.
    Fishing to Hunting.

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