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Thread: Well that was fun

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    Well that was fun

    I'm out in Ontario visiting the inlaws for Christmas, and an old friend invited me out on a hunt. I've jump shot ponds in the past, but never really been serious about it. He's way serious. A couple sneak boats, lots of decoys, etc. The initial plan was to sit a field for geese, but the farmer didn't get back to him until too late. So we went and dipped boats into lake simcoe, and sat there drinking coffee and bullshitting for a few hours. Only shot a couple of whistlers, but I can definitely see the appeal. Especially being home again for an afternoon nap! Or an evening deer hunt.

    Do people hunt like this on the island? Everything I see is such and such estuary, or whatever bay...almost all on the ocean it seems. I see pairs and 3s or 4s of ducks when I'm out hunting, but not the big rafts of em like they had on the lake.

    Basically, can someone give me a 100 yard overview of what duck hunting is like on the south island? I gather permission in fields on the peninsula where I live is probably tough!
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    Re: Well that was fun

    if you get permission on private land, you will have allot of fun!!! Sounds like you already know it will be tough on the peninsula or anywhere else for that matter.
    All the landowners I have spoke to either don't allow hunting or already have an arrangement with a dedicated group.

    I do most of my hunting out of a small layout boat in the tidal estuaries. Not uncommon to have flocks of 100+ widgeon come or have what seems to be birds everywhere. Lots of Mallards, teal, some pintail/ spooners and assorted divers. You can get some geese but they learn fast to avoid the area. On a good day you can have literally hundreds of birds moving with fast shooting.

    I was out the other day with a first time waterfowler. Conditions were horrible (was actually the worse day condition wise I had ever had). Extremely high water making it near impossible to set up, adjacent fields patially flooded drawing birds away from the marsh, gunshy birds, no wind, mild temps, tons of debris floating around. We still got 7 birds (missed several) but easily saw a couple hundred that stayed just out of range.
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