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Thread: Chemainus River Estuary

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    Chemainus River Estuary

    I'm new to the area and waterfowling, I've seen threads from years ago about hunting the chemainus River Estuary. I'm wondering if that's still allowed? Or is this not allowed because of the firearms use bylaw?
    I can't find anything on the ducks unlimited website saying hunting is allowed. It doesn't seem to be within the firearms discharge area set out by north Cowichan. Is there something I'm not picking up on?

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    Re: Chemainus River Estuary

    Technically west side within north cow boundary not permitted as its not in any of the firearms discharge areas, but you can legally hunt outside of the north cow boundary down there. You will be well out off the shoreline or flooded tips on the west side.

    See then maps below, only areas you can shoot are the stripped areas which doesn't include any of the estuary within north cow boundaries. The north cow boundary pretty much runs north west right down the middle between the shore and islands. I'm not sure if the bylaw is strictly enforced or if its FN hunters but there are folks waterfowling down there.

    a link to North cow boundary map

    I will be doing some waterfowling in COW Bay over the holidays. Depending on weather/tide I hunt with my dog out of a small layout canoe, traditional layout blind, or my 14' jon boat. I mostly hunt solo but would be happy to take a new waterfowler out. Shoot me a PM if your interested.

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