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Thread: Hunting waterfowl over water without a dog or boat.

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    Hunting waterfowl over water without a dog or boat.

    So this weekend I was down at the bay and came across a widgeon drake splayed on the shoreline with a broken wing and almost shot off foot. I thought it was dead until I got closer and its head was up. I loaded the shotgun, lined up the dog and sent him in for the retrieve. The bird didnít move an inch the dog picked him up and brought him back to me where I rung its neck and added it to my daily limit.

    This bird would have fallen where it was shot with a broken wing right next to the breast and would have swam in tight circles at best with a broken foot. It leads me to believe who ever shot it didnít have a means of retrieving it (dog or boat).

    I understand everyone starts somewhere and they canít afford a dog or a boat. I also donít think itís ethical to be hunting a spot that you canít make the retrieve 100% of the time. Shit happens and every shot doesnít go to plan so why take the chance of hunting live animals where you canít, or not willing to make the retrieve 100% of the time. Who knows how long that poor bird suffered before I found it and dispatched it.

    I understand some ducks get lost, they dive and grab bottom or hit the grass and run and hide. I could be wrong but I do not believe this duck could dive with a broken wing and opposite foot, nor would it try and hide in the grass it was pretty much messed up when it hit the ground / water.

    hunting a shallow pond that you have access to all sides it totally different then trying to hunt the saltwater where the water goes over your waders. Plan your hunts accordingly and if you donít have a boat or dog then hunt with someone who has one.
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