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Thread: Late November and Early December Mule Deer Tactics?

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    Late November and Early December Mule Deer Tactics?

    I usually do the majority of my hunting from mid October to mid November but due to a new work schedule I missed a large chunk of those days. Iíll have the last few days of November and into December off work but Iíve never really hunted that late in the season before. Can anyone shed some light on tactics for mule deer that late? Do they push back into thick bush after the rut or will they be lower down still? I know thereís a chance of finding them following does during the second estrous cycle but I donít know where to start beyond that. Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated as Iíd love to put some meat in the freezer.

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    Re: Late November and Early December Mule Deer Tactics?

    If I could I would be out there this weekend.
    Does were certainly in heat last weekend in R3 in the mu where I was.
    Just wasn’t finding many bucks with them, one nice 3pt chasing one.
    Find the Does, find the buck.
    And dint give up on the doe if she isn’t with a buck right away.
    15 minutes later, everything can change.
    A buck might check her out, or another die is being hounded by a buck and she is looking for another for to drop him off at.
    But the bucks won’t be far right now.
    Another week or so, then ya, they might be waiting for the next cycle.
    And if the snow isn’t deep, then yes, bucks can move away until after the season ends.
    The lack of snow in some areas now compared to decades ago has made a difference to where the bucks are late season.
    This weekend should be good still.

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    Re: Late November and Early December Mule Deer Tactics?

    Keep at it. Over the years I have seen plenty of rut activity right to dec 10 and after. Bucks will still be looking for does and will be moving even more instead of holding up with a hot doe. I am getting after it right till the 10th.

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    Re: Late November and Early December Mule Deer Tactics?

    Hoping you see some decent snow fall.
    If anything, snow keeps the bucks from going back up to are more desolate place.
    2 seasons ago, I had a big 3 point (May of had a 4th sticker point that some would have counted but I let him go, I may post pics at some point to see what folks here would say?)
    Anyways, i ran into him twice, during the week.
    First time I could have shot but not any time to count.
    Second time was at the end of the week, full broadside at 40 for about a minute.
    That was probably already the 16 - 17 of November.
    Left a cam up, on a drop off probably 800m from where I was seeing him.
    Anyways, I returned the following season, collected the cam and looked at images.
    Sure enough, he was still in the troll for Does near the last day of November.
    Walked right up to check out the cam that had no bait.
    And there was hardly nothing for snow.
    Where u was, there were plenty of Does, a few certainly in heat while others weren’t and there certainly was a lack of bucks to entertain them.
    So, this could be a season we’re folks find bucks hounding does a bit more this weekend still.
    Hunt it the same way, imo.

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