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Thread: Pitt Marsh

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    Pitt Marsh

    I'm getting into waterfowl hunting and the I've been going to Pitt Marsh on scouts. I know this is a good place in the LML, but I was also told that there is the most difficult place to hunt waterfowl. And I'm just lost on what to look for at this point.

    For example, the legal shooting area is large, and it goes over lots so public land... but what's the point if that public land is not possible to hunt because of the terrain (still looking for some flat grassy train). should I try to access private property, near Lander Rd looks like a good place. And when asking a property owner there must be no crops on his land, and I'll be respectful with a good attitude too.

    People who have experience in this area, what would you recommend to a beginner or what strategy for example public or private land. etc

    BTW this is just gathering info and scouting for next season. Today I'm headed out to the Pitt-Addington Marsh area (PAMWMA) where only shotgun is allowed to be discharged looking for a nice flat place where I can set up decoys and a sled / layout blind. So yeah, all I'm doing right now is scouting the public land where its legal to discharge.

    Thankyou in advance to anybody shearing some info with me. I'm trying to start a hunting tradition in my family because its important.

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    Re: Pitt Marsh

    I've never hunted Pitt Marsh, but have walked the dykes many times.... seems like there is no flat dry land there, seems like you would need a canoe or kayak to get into the marsh. what did you find on your scouting trip?

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