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Thread: Morning or evening

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    Morning or evening

    I am a new duck hunter and started duck hunting out of my boat in a popular lower mainland marsh and I'm wondering what time of day is better morning or Evening? I have done 2 evenings so far and have only gotten 2 coots. I'm hoping the colder weather triggers the migration to get more birds to draw in.

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    Re: Morning or evening

    While either can be good depending on weather how busy an area is, I would suggest that morning will give you a better or longer window. Typically, when birds are hunted hard they will be shy and the evening flight will come in at dark or close to it. During a morning hunt, I have found that if you let the first few birds pass undisturbed, you will get a better flight coming in. If you start shooting right at first light, birds will alter their routes to quieter places.

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