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Thread: Burris Oracle X Cross bow scope

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    Burris Oracle X Cross bow scope

    Has anyone looked at these scopes from Burris?
    Built in rangefinder in the scope, aim / range and hold on dot makes it pretty quick and smooth.
    Still have to get into range though so in the end just making the shooting part more accurate once the shot is taken.

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    Over a grand.
    Over 2 pounds.


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    Re: Burris Oracle X Cross bow scope

    Excalibur scopes have reticles for yardages from 20 to 60 yards, plus speed compensator built in.
    And I think that's common for other manufacturers.

    I say have the range finder handy, range various distances around your stand, then pick the correct reticle.

    That Burris thing is $1200? Ooooo...

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    Re: Burris Oracle X Cross bow scope

    I was about to give up on my Killer Instinct X1 scope but...
    it's pretty good. I had to change my range finder to yards but I'm out to 60 yds today and hitting bullseys most times.
    That's shooting seated on the ground, I admit I'm not accurate over 30 yds standing. Not the crossbow, it's me..

    Not wanting to steal your thread but The X1 entire crossbow is selling now for $999 american on the KI website, scope included, cheaper than the Burris alone.
    The scope is low over 30 yds but deer drop most times so maybe thats not bad.

    I was headed to a digital scope. I saved myself a lot of money. Their Customer service is dam good too, yup their stuff breaks but so does every brand Xbow.. I have an american mail bow across the line and send everything there.

    Anyways just a thought.... I'm pushing the brand as much as the savings. Digital is just too expensive. I'm searching China for one but not yet..
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