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Thread: First time shooting out of a stand

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    First time shooting out of a stand

    I set up a stand for Blacktails at the start of August and am just wondering in your guys experience does the arrow fly a little higher or just aim dead on?

    I practiced at my range sitting on a step ladder ontop of a bench to simulate the shot the best I could doing this at 20-40 yards and it worked good (I do not plan on standing and shooting, going to draw my bow and shoot seated in my stand to do my best not to be detected).

    This was good practice and I did it a lot, and will continue too. But it is definitely not as steep of an angle as my shot out of my stand will be.

    Thanks for any personal experience/insight!

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    Re: First time shooting out of a stand

    Having not shot much like this my thought are to use whichever pin you would use for the actual horizontal distance, try and simulate such shots before hand to verify.

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