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    I started getting extremely serious with hunting last year and as a side effect have been doing a lot of scouting and hiking all year, a lot.

    I am in very good physical shape year round and hike a lot, if I am shed hunting or scouting where being quiet is not much of a concern just covering ground it is not uncommon for me to cover 15-20km by noon, and I am in the bush every weekend.

    I bought a pair of danner pronghorns last August (made in vietnam not us) and they are literally falling apart stitching and seams at toes, they didnt even make it 1 year before they started falling apart and I condition them and dry them properly.

    What are some top of the line boots for someone who hikes a lot?

    I will give them credit for extreme comfort and I never got a blister, but they are falling apart and are overall poorly made
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