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Thread: Notifications of PM's?

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    Re: Notifications of PM's?

    I’m in the same boat been 2 months, kinda frustrating when I was trying to sell a 4500$ gun lol, had to keep checking every hour

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    Re: Notifications of PM's?

    It's simple to put your email address into your profile and receive emails from members... tell them that in the ad.
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    Re: Notifications of PM's?

    SO I got this note from Marc just a few days ago.

    What’s happening is gmail is not allowing any emails from huntingbc to reach their customers. It got black listed with Gmail for some reason.

    Who Knew? I changed my listed e-mail to my work e-mail and withing hours got a notification. So for the rest of you using G-mail. You might want to change your e-mail in your profile if your able?
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