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Thread: Hunting Texas

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    Hunting Texas

    So I will have to travel to Texas fairly regularly for work in the coming years, and al looking into combining a trip or two with a hunt down there. Just starting to research cost and logistics, but thought I'd reach out to see if anyone has done that before? Any companies you can recommend? Anything to look out for? I am fairly open as to what game but Aoudat looks really cool.

    All tips appreciated...

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    Re: Hunting Texas

    Looks like you came up zip with the tips. Have you figured out anything on your own?
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    Re: Hunting Texas

    Hunting in Texas is all private I think. If you have the money sounds like it's really good.

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    Re: Hunting Texas

    A guy I work with has some family down there. He had a bunch of night vision videos of them hunting hogs in the dark with ar-15s. It looked like a pretty good time.
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