These are not the official BCWF results of the Board elections, but rather my notes, but I'm pretty confident I have them right. Barring a boo boo on my end the results of Sunday's BCWF AGM elections are:

President: Chuck Zuckerman for his second term, by acclamation.

VP: Mark McDonald for a brand new term and David Lewis for his second return (two positions open, three candidates running). Both David and Mark have a long history of working hard at the Board. Mark was gone for a bit and it's good to have him back as well as Mr. Lewis.

Treasurer : Jeff Ayre for a brand new term and new addition to the Board. (two candidates ran). Welcome, Jeff!

4 directors were elected. We have an 8 director at large system with 4 turning over every year. There were lots of candidates and it was a pretty healthy election.

Mike Langegger returns as a director (like Mark and David he's got a long history of working hard on the Board and it's good to see him back.

Mike was joined by three new directors: Darlene Clark, Jenny Ly and Charla Gaudet.

Past President remains Bill Bosch.

We are looking forward to a productive and effective year!

Thanks to all the outgoing directors who have given so much to the Fed:

Dave Carleton
Alison Carleton
Barbara Whittingham
Carl Gitscheff
John Thornton

Your hard work is appreciated!

Thanks also to all the unsuccessful candidates. Your willingness to enter the area is noticed and appreciated.

The next AGM (hopefully in person in Nanaimo) will see an election at which time there will be a fair amount of turnover, so keep tuned if you're interested in serving on the BCWF Board.