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Thread: Prop vs Jet

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    Re: Prop vs Jet

    Quote Originally Posted by Dutch View Post
    Have to ask why would you swap to a prop? Fuel? or? not being sarcastic but am wondering as everything that I know of high speed commercially is using jets.
    There are benefits to using a prop motor if all your in is deep water. I’ve heard of guys that are in the lower mainland for instance running a jet most the year for any of the smaller rivers or even the Fraser but then switching to a prop leg when fishing gets good out on the ocean. 1/3 less fuel when running the same speed but 1/3 more power when you need it, quieter, able to run rough water without cavitation, can troll with it and still have low speed steering.

    It’s a bit of work switching over but once you’ve done it a couple times it’s not bad.
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    Re: Prop vs Jet

    The trolling/low speed steering is one of the main reasons I went prop. I asked three of the Thunderjet dealers staff (who all have jets and prop boats) and who know me, what they would do for my use. All three said without hesitation “prop”. Both my long term duck hunting buddies who grew up in the Ladner marshes said “prop”. My “cool guy” mentality still says jet, but my practical “adult” side says listen to the people with experience and who know how I will use the boat. Damn practicallities...

    Maybe I’ll buy a jet pump one day and start the swap regimen.
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