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Thread: Global News feature on Trumpeter Swans dying in Abbottsford

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    Re: Global News feature on Trumpeter Swans dying in Abbottsford

    VLD43, I have chewed on this information you provided.
    And I'm right.
    Lead leaching into water is the reason we are removing anything with lead pipes or any lead around water.
    Listen to what Angus wrote above.
    Leaching means dissolving.

    You talking with guys in Langley doesn't mean lead doesn't leach in water.
    The reason Langley club does not have a lead problem is not because lead does not leach into water.
    It's because their property is above any ground water enough that any lead gets filtered out by the time it reaches any ground water.
    If there is any ground water under the club's property.

    Lead leaching into water is not Anti's narrative, it's a scientific narrative.
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    Re: Global News feature on Trumpeter Swans dying in Abbottsford

    Quote Originally Posted by Bustercluck View Post
    I dont buy 12 gauge, but I purchased some lead .410 less than 6 months ago. If its not banned in 410 Im assuming you can still buy it in 12 gauge.
    Lead shot is only banned for MIGRATORY WATERFOWL hunting. Lead is still legal for upland, small game, large game etc.
    If were not supposed to eat animals, how come theyre made out of meat?

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    Re: Global News feature on Trumpeter Swans dying in Abbottsford

    Hope this reply is considered essential or it won't be allowed across the border eh. Seriously the lead problem that killed swans a few years ago was traced to Jordan Lake which spans the border just east of Sumas. I did a lot of duty scaring the swans off when they came in to spend the night. Eventually bamboo poles were stuck in the lake close enough together to discourage their landing. The bottom of Jordan is about 18' deep but plants and muck are up within 18"-20" of the surface. It is thought that the plant growth and muck has lifted old lead shot up to be within reach of the swans. The lead came from an old gun club that shot next to the lake.
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