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Thread: Kids Bear

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    Kids Bear

    Took the boys out looking for a spring Bear.
    The Kid has been wanting to shoot one since he shot his first deer last fall.

    Santa brought a Xbolt 223 with a Leupold markAR and a case of 1000 rounds and dropped it under the tree, I was Shocked!!

    It's a really nice rifle, so it's not surprising the case of ammo is getting pretty light. The Kid can ring all the gongs easy from the bench out to 550 at the range here, and is getting really good leaning on a post, and is now always trying to get better freehand.

    So we went out to find a bear, he wanted a decent sized one, so that was good to hear we would get some chances at judging sizes.

    First one we saw on the road was a nice bear. After deciding we'd let it go, we put the "350 sneak" on it. That's a prairie term of which there are 2 types of 350 sneak. We were doing the low speed version.
    As the bear waddled along eating we'd slowly roll up the rd towards it. When it stopped, we'd stop.
    I thought I did a pretty damn good 350sneak and was pretty proud of my skills till I realized the bear just didn't give a damn about my truck haha Drove right up to it.

    So that was the baseline. I had to find bigger than that.....
    Found a few that were similar in size, found a few with cubs. It was pretty good, the boys had lots of action and chances to bail out of the truck and get ready and also to sneak up on a few using cover through logging blocks. And of course a few 350 sneaks.

    Then we saw a nice one! Had the good waddle going on! But it was a long way off. 339yards.
    The Kid said that was the one, so he set up with a good rest. We watched awhile made sure it was alone and was big enough. We were quite a bit higher than it so we set the turret to 300 and The Kid settled down in to shoot.

    I saw the bullet hit and the bear jumped and tried to run. I could tell it was hit hard. It piled up on a tree and I told him to shoot again. He put some insurance into it and there it was, still on the tree. I never even had to move it to set it up for the pictures.

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    Re: Kids Bear

    woah big bear alert!
    Nice work boys!

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    Re: Kids Bear

    Awesome. Good going you guys.

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    Re: Kids Bear

    Awesome pics! Love the pit viper glasses!! Badass little man
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    Re: Kids Bear

    Glad to see the kids putting down the big boys this year! Make sure you get him entered into one of the derby categories.. he’d probably kick some ass in the adult ones even.
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    Re: Kids Bear

    Thats an excellent bear. Congrats!

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    Re: Kids Bear

    Just finished writing about black bear attacks. So one less bear to worry about!
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    Re: Kids Bear

    Great bear. Congrats!

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    Re: Kids Bear

    congrats, nice Yogi!
    on his socks too
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    williams lake

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