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Thread: How to Identify Mature Rams with Clay Lancaster

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    How to Identify Mature Rams with Clay Lancaster


    I don't usually post episodes of my podcast on the forum but this week is pretty special. With a lot of us getting ready for sheep season I thought it was important to share this episode. I had Clay on the podcast and we talked about filed ageing and a variety of other topics for an hour. The amount of info he dropped was incredible. Here's the show notes and download info.


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    The MH Podcast EP 21 – How to Identify Mature Rams with Clay Lancaster

    In this episode, Jay sits down with Clay Lancaster. Clay is one of the most widely regarded sheep outfitters in North America and is considered to be an expert in field ageing mature rams. Although the purpose of the podcast was to focus on field ageing Clay and Jay dive into several different aspects of sheep hunting. You can find out more about Clay and book a hunt with him at the links below.

    Clay Lancaster
    IG: claylancaster_300


    0:00 – Intro
    3:27 – Call with Clay
    8:18 – Going after the right sheep
    11:23 – The willingness to walk away
    14:36 – 90% of the sheep are killed by 10% of the hunters
    15:53 – Crown method of aging
    19:35 – Decipher false annuli
    23:05 – Importance of a Roman nose
    25:07 – Benefits of phone scoping
    27:43 – Behavioural indicators of mature rams
    31:34 – Full curl complications
    33:27 – Double checking broomed rams
    40:02 – Ideal optics setup
    42:33 – Lowering your pack weight on the way in
    45:14 – If solo be prepared to pack 125lbs on the way out
    48:40 – Tent condensation
    49:56 – Fire tips for winter hunts
    50:43 – Three most important pieces of gear for a sheep hunt
    55:40 – Outfitting plans this year
    58:20 – Clay’s closing thoughts

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    Re: How to Identify Mature Rams with Clay Lancaster

    I have attended two live seminars that Clay hosted and he is very knowledgeable and made it easy to understand for simpletons like myself, thanks for posting this up.
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    Re: How to Identify Mature Rams with Clay Lancaster

    I listened while I was at the gym this morning. I've heard Clay several times share his knowledge about sheep. What a great guy! I'll definitely be using some of his tips when I hope to harvest sheep #3 in August. Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: How to Identify Mature Rams with Clay Lancaster

    Thanks...will have a listen/look.

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    Re: How to Identify Mature Rams with Clay Lancaster

    Great podcast Grasp, very well done. Lots of knowledge shared and first time hearing of the Crown method but it works! Look forward to trying in the field. Very cool to get Clay Lancaster on the show. Look forward to more videos and podcasts

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    Re: How to Identify Mature Rams with Clay Lancaster

    Great post Grasp, awesome conversation and incredibly informative. Only 3 months to go
    If you can pack it in, You can pack it out !!!


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