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Thread: Wader recommendations

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    Re: Wader recommendations

    Quote Originally Posted by sako79 View Post
    Either or. Never owned any
    Are you looking for a packable set you can carry in your pack or something heavier and bulkier that your not gonna carry hiking? Are you guys hiking out of a lake and just want to cross streams or are you expecting to be wadding in swamps and hunting along the lake?

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    Re: Wader recommendations

    I have a pair of old hip waders I think they were called Trout Kings they were rubber , tough as nails , good for moose hunting in swampy terrain ,but heavy and sweaty . They are still in the garage but are starting to rot .
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    Re: Wader recommendations

    There a questions you need to ask yourself before you ask for what brand of waders.
    How are you going to use them?
    How often?

    You might be better off just buying rubber waders with booties if you are just using them for hunting or odd fishing trip.
    You need good breathable waders only if you plan on fishing rivers regularly.
    Otherwise rubber ones, or neoprenes would do.
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    Re: Wader recommendations

    no matter what make sure the boots fit nice and dont rub on your heels!

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    Re: Wader recommendations

    As said, depends on the use and length of time.
    Just crossing the odd river, then rubber booted waders.

    Fishing in river all day, then Simms.

    Neoprene is my choice for belly boat.
    Pain in the ass to take on and off, but way way warmer when sitting "in water all day".
    An older pair of Bare on Craigslist can sometimes be found, but get the older brand, the newer ones weren't made here and suck.

    One thing, if crossing a river in any wader where it gets deep or really fast moving, where a "belt"!!
    And remember, you may cross a river in the a.m., and it may be knee deep, but in the evening after a warm day and possible
    snow melt, it can be way deeper!!, so careful always.

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