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Thread: Mountain Goat Meat

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    Re: Mountain Goat Meat

    I've eaten from a lot of goats (16+) and think they have a unique but awesome flavor, also really like the flavor of the fat as quite mild and if you like organ meat their heart and liver are to die for. All the ones I've eaten from were shot in August, September, October or February. I make steak (thin cut) out of all the primes and sometimes pound into cutlets. The trim I like for stew meat and burger, although really good in curries I find the curry masks the unique flavor so tend not to do so. However I had some meat from one my buddy harvested in the Stikine on a summer hunt and it tasted like sage brush and was quite strong but made delicious curries.

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    Re: Mountain Goat Meat

    The gravy is even tough on those buggers

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    Re: Mountain Goat Meat

    I liked the couple I’ve had. Mild tasting but some cuts can be tough. Totally worth it and worth the hunt
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