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Thread: What do you do for work

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    What do you do for work

    Changing the topic a bit.
    What do you guys do for work.
    the attached series of pictures shows the highlight of my career as a construction site superintendent.
    I spent 31 months on site as structural Superintendent building Vancouver house.
    I should add that I’m a red seal carpenter, now closing in on 35 years this coming May 2021.
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    Re: What do you do for work

    Looks interesting, we'll see how it holds up in an earthquake.
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    Re: What do you do for work

    Who supplied your rebar? and concrete?..

    How many meters total did you do?. What did the raw structure cost per square ft?

    Did you hit a floor per week turn around on the tables and lastley who formed it?

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    Re: What do you do for work

    Very cool Lever, very cool.

    I'm sort of retired now, entrepreneur for many years.
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    Re: What do you do for work

    I make all of the steel framing that goes into those buildings.

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    Re: What do you do for work

    Heavy duty mechanic. I used to be in forestry but now it’s mining. I haven’t been responsible for anything that elaborate, but I’ll see if I can dig up some pics of my logging days. The current company doesn’t allow us to take pics of the mine, nevermind post them online.
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    Re: What do you do for work

    Framed and formed for 10 years , now been a movie carp for the last 5 years. Pretty entertaining, good benefits for a family man
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    Re: What do you do for work

    I have had a long and differing career. 22 years in the Navy, worked construction for a little bit after i retired. Started back in the dockyard as a stationary engineer, retired again lol. Moved to PEI for 8.5 years, did some part time Dairy farming for a neighbour, Then a mechanic/Stationary engineer for a chemical plant, also did 3 summers playing Mathew Cuthbert, (Anne of Green Gables) live theatre at a local tourist stop. Moved west again to the north Island as a Shift engineer at Nuecel Cellulose. from there to Kelowna as a shift Engineer at Sun-Rype. Now retired again living in the West Kootenay's
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    Re: What do you do for work

    There was 29,000 m3 overall from raft foundation to roof slab.
    Carion was our forming contractor
    LMS supplied and installed the reinforcing.
    we were 8 days slab to slab to level 39 where a chunk of the core dropped away after successfully vertically post tensioning. Core was a beast at 170m3
    32 columns along with 2 large shear walls that produced columns as the structure grew east meant a 1 day vertical was not possible.
    at level 46 another potion of the core dropped away and we stepped down to a 6 day cycle with the core still broaching 120m3, .
    $300 million overall

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    Re: What do you do for work

    This building is very unified in that it has a spine
    , It is vertically post tensioned to level 36 with 11 stands 3” diameter from underside of raft, 85 feet below street level to level 36.
    The structure from level 23 was built out of plumb ~ 20 mm floor over floor to the west to compensate for the weight of the superstructure growing to the east.
    It is anticipated the structure will find its equilibrium in 14-20 years
    the structure was also placed on the lot considering a detailed study of plate tectonics here on the west coast., meaning that we know which way the earth is gonna move if there is a big earthquake.
    it has a better chance of being hit by a meteor and falling over vs falling over in a seismic event .

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