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Thread: Salmon Fisherman Fined

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    Re: Salmon Fisherman Fined

    Quote Originally Posted by ElectricDyck View Post
    Yep, who cares? Make headlines for coming down hard on a few dudes who keep too many fish and totally ignore illegal nets indiscriminately wiping out whole stocks of endangered fish....not once have I seen a headline about nets in the fraser....a friend of mine got put thorough the ringer by a fish cop for technicalities while an illegal net was a couple hundred yards up the river that they are helpless to what is the point? Is it just to give these people jobs?
    So what is the answer? One set of rules for everyone? Bahahahaha! That’s never going to happen...

    Oh, and I agree with everything you’re saying above...
    You find it offensive, but I find it funny... That’s why I’m happier than you.

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    Re: Salmon Fisherman Fined

    Quote Originally Posted by Bustercluck View Post
    How do you buy a 30’ fishing boat with what sounds like two engines(maybe ones a kicker), drag it from another province/country, pay for fuel, tackle and everything else and then skimp out on a license. That’s the cheap part.

    My guess is albertan Newfies. This kind of thing is a pretty typical story for every Newfie I’ve talked too. A Newfie friend of mine was telling me his dad got caught with too many fish and I made a comment like “he was caught poaching” and he looked at me very sincerely and with an honest answer said “no, no, he just had too many fish, he had tags, just not enough”.
    Yeah, I have a buddy up in Port Hardy who knew a group of folks like that who were squatting on the land out at Rupert Arm and it was well known that they were shooting deer all year round. He confronted them about it and they said they weren't poaching because "We eat them you know."

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    Arrow Re: Salmon Fisherman Fined

    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Glove View Post
    Kinda strange that they forfeited the boats engines but not the boat itself ??
    Wonder what the rationale was behind that ?
    Boat was co-owned by the ringleader's wife. She wasn't present.
    If the boat was forfeited, the absentee co-owner could have applied to get it back and may well have been successful in doing so. This way, the guy’s who were charged and convicted lose a lot of stuff along with the hefty fines.

    Quote Originally Posted by Imdone View Post
    Fines and penalties never big enough.

    They obviously had help, they will be back .
    True in most circumstances, but these ladz paid.
    A quick calculation indicates they will be shelling out in excess of $ 90 K.
    Somewhat painful.

    As for them coming back... Nope.
    Bans on any / all Canadian fishing Licenses and border crossing notification.
    Not going to happen.

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    Re: Salmon Fisherman Fined

    Three men banned from fishing or holding a fishing licence after one of the “most significant sport fish violations” a veteran Fisheries officer has seen in 20 years were residents of Washington State.
    Bradley Wogalmott, Geoffrey Hoover, and Jonathan Magee, plead guilty in Campbell River Provincial Court on Feb. 24 to numerous violations of Canada’s Fisheries Act. The Honourable Judge Crockett ordered significant penalties for the three men.
    Wogalmott was fined $15,000 and prohibited from fishing or holding a fishing licence anywhere in Canada for 10 years. He was also ordered to forfeit all fishing equipment seized on the vessel being used, valued at over $6,000, and two outboard engines (300 hp and 25 hp Yamaha), valued at approximately $32,500. He was also ordered to pay the storage and transport fees for the seized vessel, with an estimated cost of approximately $10,000.

    Hoover was fined $5,000, received a two-year prohibition against fishing or holding a fishing licence anywhere in Canada, and forfeited all of his fishing equipment that was seized as evidence.
    Magee was also fined $5,000, received a one-year prohibition against fishing or holding a fishing licence anywhere in Canada, and forfeited all of his fishing equipment seized.
    The charges stem from a joint DFO and RCMP investigation in Gold River on Sept. 11, 2019. Nootka Sound RCMP received information that the three United States residents may have contravened the Fisheries Act while fishing in the area. RCMP officers stopped the men, who were found in possession of a significant number of fish that were not caught, or correctly recorded, according to the conditions of their recreational licence. DFO Conservation and Protection fishery officers from Campbell River were called in to take over the investigation.
    Fishery Officer Greg Askey, Field Supervisor with the Campbell River DFO C&P Detachment, said that this was “the most significant sport fish violation I have seen in my over 20-year career.”

    There is a Bradley Wogalmott from Seattle on Facebook. Can't be too many others.

    He's got quite the past. Google him.
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    Re: Salmon Fisherman Fined

    I had to laugh about the "Worse offences CO has seen in 20 years".
    Nothing is ever going to change if we cant be honest like was stated about fish that couldnt be sold being dumped.

    Anyways, i am glad they got caught, and i hope they truly do lose their equipment!
    That's an automatic fine the "actually does get paid".
    Lots of fines handed out in this world that do go unpaid!!
    And in this situation, they are guilty.
    This isnt about a chinook that was 1" over the legal size limit that is frickin ridiculous anyways.

    Now if we could have cars forfeited that are doing 200+ in an 60 zone, we might get somewhere.

    IT has to start somewhere, so glad they got nailed.
    But, this is only scratching the surface of much bigger issues regarding salmon.
    This isnt why they are in decline overall or rather, cant recover well enough.

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