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Thread: Waiting for news on changes to salmon retention etc.

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    Waiting for news on changes to salmon retention etc.

    Talking to some at Pacifica Anglers the other day, I have to say it is quite disappointing how the federal
    government, and especially the current minister for fisheries seem to care very little about coming forth
    with decisions that impact so many folks out here on the west coast.

    For weeks, I know Jason @ PA as well as many others, have been waiting for a decision by the minister
    about changes to the regs for retention to actually happen right now.

    And for a few weeks now, the ministers office keeps saying "wait til friday" for an announcement etc.
    Week after week this has been happening, and when news came out, it was about all the money the Feds
    were going to pump into the system, but nothing about the current issues at hand.

    So, when the news came out, this wait til friday announcement, it appears some hearts sank out there
    because they were starting to think that this seasons issues were once again going to be politically
    pushed to the side.

    BUT!, news is that the minister "hasn't even looked at the proposal yet"!!
    So, that is good news....I suppose?
    And that's what many are still hopeful about, that there still might be an announcement.

    BUT, I just have to rant about how disgusting it is by the Feds and this minister that they haven't even
    bothered to look or address this proposal that is affecting so many right now.
    I cant believe that this proposal, which is not new, but been around the block for a year or 2 now is still
    just sitting on the ministers "to be read" pile.
    That is utter BS.

    And just to be clear, the DFO Bios are actually in support of the proposal!!
    And actually for the past couple of years now, the DFO Bios have been more supportive of the sport fishing
    councils and they both seem to be working together now for the same goals, which is a big contrast to
    the past.

    So, this isnt the DFO Bios right now that are impacting the current situation for the salmon sport fishing
    industry and fisherman.

    ITS the MINISTER, Bernadette Jordan that is NOT DOING HER JOB!
    Talk about sitting on ones fat ass......
    She is the perfect example of that!

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    Question Re: Waiting for news on changes to salmon retention etc.

    And just WHERE is the "surprise" in any of that?
    Sporties simply DO NOT COUNT.

    Sad but true...

    Egotistical, Self Centered, Son of a Bitch Killer that Doesn't Play Well With Others.

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    Re: Waiting for news on changes to salmon retention etc.

    ^^^^^ I know.

    I was just disgusted to hear that she had not even read the recommendations yet.
    Atleast, that is the "inside story".

    Many were being told to "wait for the news", several times over the past month, but nothing happened.
    Then, last week the news came out, BUT, it was for the 600 million+ to help in aiding the pacific salmon issues.
    Which is great, but that is a "long term solution".

    The guys want to know whether to hire guides or sell today!!!!

    So, when that came out, they were getting the sinking feeling that there was to be no changes coming forth.
    But, the inside story is that they still might have to wait until "she reads it".

    And what they are reading is science based DFO Bios reports, mainly to allow retention of clipped hatchery salmon.
    But nope, she thinks she can just sit there, OR, have to talk to the FN if "that is okay"!!!??? etc.

    Honestly, that 600 million that was just offered, ....well, i say go out tomorrow and buy 4 to 6 portable clipping machines,
    and start getting those hatchery fry clipped!!
    So, spend the 4 to 6 million right now!

    That should take about "5 minutes"!! to give the "go ahead".
    But nope....politics and bureaucracy at its best....or should i say, its worst!

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