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Thread: Spring bear in Cariboo help?

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    Re: Spring bear in Cariboo help?

    If you venture north of the Cariboo, Give me a shout. I'm up in PG, and I can steer you into a few good spots for bear. First and Last light are your times, and green, green, green!! Clover, dandelions, grass, skunk cabbage early, and calve/fawn distress calls! Moosin
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    Re: Spring bear in Cariboo help?

    Once snow leaves so you can move about,know that bears usually head down to first areas to green up..cut blocks..along FSR..
    It doesn't take much elevation for grass to still be dead and yellow..and a little higher..snow..
    It's all about the food..with not a lot of greenEd up concentrates the bears to where it IS green the later it gets the more different areas the bears can be.getting into june..mating season..paired harder to evade 2 sets of eyes....noses.

    I concentrate on the early portion of spring bear's been very very good to me..
    Good luck


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    Re: Spring bear in Cariboo help?

    Region 5 west of Williams Lake is absolutely fantastic for trophy bears. Don't listen to others spewing nonsense, you will be left alone if your not a asshat that deserves to be jerked with mostly. This isn't a terrorist jungle state, even if some want to portray it as such.

    The natural grasslands are really really good. You don't need to hunt logged areas. You will be helping the ungulates by hunting the bears in region 5. Come shoot a bear or two.

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    Re: Spring bear in Cariboo help?

    Oh and another little tidbit, around Smithers is the releases of a bear recovery station. Years ago they were asked where the release sites were for people to go view the bears. They stopped releasing that info when it was discovered it was hunters asking.
    Find a mountain grass and berry fed bear not a salmon stream fed bear.
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    Re: Spring bear in Cariboo help?

    Quote Originally Posted by Stu View Post
    I just want to say Thank You everyone for the overwhelming support and willingness to help. I have received many pointers and I think I'm much closer to have a plan for my trip.

    There is one more thing I'm curious about. What is the situation around Babine lake? Is that a good area to consider?
    Absolutely there are some real knuckle draggers in that neck of the woods - especially a bit further northwest towards the Kispiox. Gorgeous country and some of the best trout fishing - highly recommend exploring if you've got the time. You might even get lucky and spot some really cool critters like wolverine or even a Kermode. I would go for bear in the spring rather than the fall though in order to avoid getting a salmon bear. There's still some areas that are truly wild up there. Good luck
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