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Thread: 3D Events in 2021?

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    3D Events in 2021?

    Is anyone aware of any 3D events in BC, coming up in 2021?

    It seems COVID took them all out even though they seem like the perfect "small group, socially distanced" event. I saw some events in 2020 but wasn't confident enough in my skills at that time to commit to any.

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    Re: 3D Events in 2021?

    I hear that theres one going ahead in Port Coquitlam, and talk of one of the Kootenays clubs planning (tbc) but that's the only ones thats being banded around right now that I know of.

    Kamloops won't be, probably just do some "in house" shoots as the club is otherwise open. Everyone I have spoke to who is involved at club level in the interior are not touching it, talking about later in the year and re-evaluating at best, but mostly the feedback is not this year.

    I don't blame them either, shoots are hard enough on the few volunteers, add this BS into the mix and potential for falling foul of the new rules, even the perception of risking a spread - regardless of what you believe, not worth it.

    Lots complaints about it all, "but golf!?" etc, etc, etc, but not from people who actually do the work.

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