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Thread: Sheep hunting - Calorie Count

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    Re: Sheep hunting - Calorie Count

    Quote Originally Posted by northernbrew View Post
    Hey NMO, Where do you get your offgrid meals? my short and prob lack luster search didn't turn up much here in canada thx
    Was getting them direct through Offgrid - I do know they are currently working on CDN distribution.

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    Re: Sheep hunting - Calorie Count

    Lots of gold in this thread! This gives me a lot to work on moving forward. I will offer one word of caution to anyone switching to high-fat during their trip (++ MCT oil, olive oil, etc) - bring some extra TP or at least begin getting your guts used to the high fat content before the trip. The high fat content I brought in 2 years ago made the bushes look like a shit-nado went through.

    I actually am thinking of trying to put on about 5 lbs extra before this trip because of how weak I felt on the last trip. I don't have much extra fat to burn off typically.

    I'll have to try out the Offgrid meals at some point. The peak-refule can be bought at bridensolutions. Like what was said previously, these meals are expensive, but I will never go back to MH after eating Peak. Those Peak meals made me excited for diner everyday!

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    Re: Sheep hunting - Calorie Count

    Another great topic. For me, it's more about maintaining my hydration at the right levels moreso that calorie intake. I've often dumped out extra food at the end of the hunt cause I don't eat as much as I planned. Longer mountain hunts always just teach (remind) me how much we all over-eat through the rest of the year when spending most of our time at the office...

    For me the most important thing I've learned is keep my salt intake up (spitz or similar), plus take electrolyte pills. They are the most concentrated form of electrolytes and I find they keep me going strong and limit the risk of dehydration, headaches, cramping and other illnesses.


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    Re: Sheep hunting - Calorie Count

    Quote Originally Posted by Petros65 View Post
    Pack the fats - animal fats.

    Learn from programs like "Alone" ---- every single one of them after a few days wants/needs fat.
    You want energy, eat fat, not carbs. Humans can live forever without carbs but without any fat we die.
    Cars will mess with your insulin levels and thats when you get the exhausted feeling. Fat does not do that.
    Learn from our ancestors - pemmican is an awesome survival food, lard, fatty biltong, salami, all the cured meats.
    Might want to research that a bit more, carbs are actually the quickest and easiest for the body to give you energy. Everyone’s body is different, I lean on the protein end of things and fats/carbs second. Your body should have plenty of stored fats before a trip, eating more while on the trip isn’t more efficient than a carb load.
    The only advantage to a light rifle is it's weight, all other advantages go to the heavier rifle..

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