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Thread: Hunting squirrels (MU 2-8)

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    Re: Hunting squirrels (MU 2-8)

    Much agree adriaticum. I also take advantage of the old styles of wine when in Europe. My wife has direct family in Ukraine and their homemade wine is superior to anything here I have ever tasted. Not even close actually. I believe you are correct in stating pear wine or pear cider is quite good. That's next on my list.

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    Re: Hunting squirrels (MU 2-8)

    My dad made apricot brandy with our neighbour when I was a kid. I think to was medicinal because I found them both very relaxed in our kiddie pool one sunny afternoon in Kamloops. There were no squirrels hurt or killed during this event. If there had been squirrels present, the two dads were in a vulnerable condition based on the relationship that squirrels have with low hanging fruit.

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    Re: Hunting squirrels (MU 2-8)

    Sorry folks - forgot to post the poll results. Take them for what they are i.e. not a properly framed question in polling standards.

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    Re: Hunting squirrels (MU 2-8)

    When I lived in Ontario we hunted grey and black squirrels regularly. I think they are more plentiful there, a lot more oak trees and beech nut trees.
    To call them just rub two quarters together, rub the ridges together, surprising how much they sound like squirrel chatter.

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