Going on an elk hunt...first time. It’s me and my son going (his current dream hunt), and we’re spiking it in the Kootenays.

What’s everyone’s go-to for dried meals these days? Mt. House is a fave for us both, but at $16 a bag....I think we can do better, and really, I tend to get tired of them after a couple of days. Been looking up recipes on the inter webs....I have a couple of dehydrators, smoker, vacuum sealer so am thinking about putting some together. I’m thinking that we could cook any meat products the night before, and vacuum seal them, and add them to any dehydrated stuff we make. Should last for 5 - 7 days vacuum sealed? Thinking Ramen, oatmeal, dried potatoes/eggs etc as well....any other suggestions? I’ve spiked out, but quite heavily in the past...lightening up now since I’m not getting any younger. What’re folks usual weight on packs in relation to body weight?

Anyone want to give any thoughts on areas and tactics, I’d love to hear it....like I said...first time for Elk, and also have not been to the Kootenays much at all...just provincial sites in the RV and rode through on bikes. Bought some diaphragm calls and will get a tube....but not sure if there’s a huge difference in tubes and diaphragms? We expect to put boots to the ground....a lot....so not sure of the typical terrain there...rocky? Steep? Thick? All of the above is what I expect (and we will scout).

Thoughts on things to bring? I have pretty much all the gear I think I need, but you never know what others have experienced in that area....we’re thinking near Elkford, maybe Fernie area but we are going to head there for a couple of scouting trips....probably at least once together in the trailer, but also a couple of individual trips on the ole KLR to take the gear we’re going to use to be sure it’s sufficient. We’ll scout through the summer, but I think we’ll be there early/mid September...unless someone says that’s the worst time....

Lots of questions....hopefully someone has some thoughts, and I appreciate them all! Thanks for any input!