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Thread: Release (Thumb vs Wrist) and Arrow Rests

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    Release (Thumb vs Wrist) and Arrow Rests

    Hi. Not new to hunting (rifle) or this site, but new to archery. Been thinking about it for several years, and had an opportunity to buy a used Diamond Edge 320 that came with case, quiver, arrows, wrist release, target, upgraded 5 pin site, etc. I think my bow is decent beginner bow - decide if I like archery and actually learn about archery, and if I stick with it I can upgrade the bow and other accessory later. So first thing I did before thinking about shooting, was request lessons as the Victoria Bowmen Archery Club. One thing I learned from playing pool was consistency was key and breaking bad habits was hard, so best to start off with lessons to get into good habits from the start. However, the club was a few weeks away from losing their range as it was turning into a bus terminal. Great timing! step, read and watch lots of YouTube videos. Then realize, it can be pretty darn complicated for a newbie without a person showing and teaching them. So...learned as much as I could, then went to Bucky's Sports in Duncan (as they seem to be the place that would be the most knowledgeable in my area) with my bow to buy some arrows. All the way there just for arrows? Yes!. Because believe it or not, as much research as I did, I had a hard time figuring out the right arrow for me. I had figured out my draw length and go with graphite, but not some other specs. Bucky's was great. They measured my draw length, checked the bow, changed the draw weight, levelled it, etc. I guess that's the "set up" we hear about. Super thankful to them. So then I go out and shoot some arrows. Honestly, I felt pretty good. After only about 5 different outings, I really enjoy it and I feel like I'm actually doing ok hitting the target. I start at 20 yards, then 30, then 40, then 50. Of course my groupings are tighter the closer I am. Then I noticed that I'm "punching" the shot and my arrows on the target are in the range of center to slightly down and to the right. So I will correct that (been doing lots of learning).

    Now, the reason for posting. I have a whisper biscuit type (it's not a real whisker biscuit) rest. I can't help but think that running through that impacts my shot as the arrow is hitting this object as it passes through. It seems like a drop down rest would impact the shot less (as long as it drops at the correct time). So what do people on here use?

    The other question is about releases. I have a index finger wrist release. But I don't really find it comfortable. Then, it just so happens that archery was on tv a few weeks ago. Almost all the competitors had thumb releases (not sure which type as my research now shows there are several types of thumb releases like hinge, etc.). Thumb release seems like it would be easier to be more consistent as it's touching your face more than the wrist rest (same contact point each time). So they question is, do more people here use thumb releases or index finger wrist releases?

    Apologies for the long post. Thanks for all your help.

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    Re: Release (Thumb vs Wrist) and Arrow Rests

    I use the index finger and like it,haven’t used a thumb release so can’t help you with which one is better.

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