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Thread: Afternoon/evening shoots,,,,,how have they been for you?

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    Re: Afternoon/evening shoots,,,,,how have they been for you?

    Did a morning shoot this morning at a spot that is always productive for us but for the first time that I can remember when we walked in at the dark there were no birds roosting on the water. Was wondering what that was all about and if we were in for a slow day?

    Well, it was quite slow but the singles and doubles that came in decoyed really well. They didn't even circle once. They'd fly in from behind us and sweep around and head right into the decoys. When the one and only larger flock (12 birds) came in I should have had my first green head triple of the season but I blew it on the last shot on a bird that was probably closer to me than the other two.

    We probably should have packed it in by 9:00 but stayed another two hours only getting one more bird in the process. Ended up getting 13 for the morning, three short of a limit so it was still a decent hunt,,,,just very few birds in our area.

    The dogs were wet the whole time and let us know a few times that they probably would have rather been in front of warm fire but both did a great job recovering two cripples that made a run for it into the bush on the other side of the grassy bank. I think the both of us felt that a nice fire and a lay down on the couch wouldn't have been a bad idea either, especially when the clouds really let loose a few times. haha

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    Re: Afternoon/evening shoots,,,,,how have they been for you?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ron.C View Post
    very nice boys!!!! Hoping the wind is blowing tomorrow afternoon like it's forecasted to do. I've only been out on 1 morning shoot this year and the rest are afternoons.
    Done pretty good most afternoons I've been out. I find I do waaaay better as far as having birds decoy in on mid week afternoon hunts in my area as the birds don't get shot as nearly as much as the weekends.

    I run a mix of teal, mallard, pintail and widgeon decoys and have been only using 18-24 decoys this year. That and I try to set up in unusual spots where I never see others set up and pay allot of attention to brushing in my setup really well. Worked pretty well for me so far.
    That is one of the keys for sure being well hidden,was in a spot that gets hit hard on one side so switched it up to the other huge difference they decoyed well and stayed away from the other end so ,good guess on my part I guess lol

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