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Thread: Trying to find the right arrow

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    Trying to find the right arrow

    I have a few remaining Radial weave STL hunter 300 arrows.

    They shoot noticeably better than the Killi'n Stix I picked up - Since I found out they are no longer being produced and, weaved carbon arrows are now pricier.

    Since the Radial's are discontinued, am I doomed to worse accuracy unless I find another weaved carbon arrow. Or did I have some bad luck and, need to find an arrow by trial and error that doesn't necessarily have to be weaved.

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    Re: Trying to find the right arrow

    They likely shoot noticeably better because they were tuned better.

    With respect, any of the known brands will shoot better than you can, if you have changed the dynamics - like diameter, GPI's, components or whatever is more likely to be the difference.
    I have never heard that woven arrows are different to any others as far as performance and consistency are concerned.

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    Re: Trying to find the right arrow

    ^ agreed. Was most likely arrow tuning or some differnece between the two arrows...if you truely want to rule out it's the arrow pick up a set of easton match grade...they are packaged for arrow consistency.

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    Re: Trying to find the right arrow

    You should get good accuracy out of most any good quality arrow if your bow is in tune and your spine is correct.
    You probably don’t need match grade unless you shoot really long arrows or your trying to get every last drop of accuracy out of your rig. Number your arrows to see if you have some that don’t group as well. If your over spined you can always add point weight. If under spined you can cut your arrows down, remove point weight or add a lighted nock etc.

    lots of good quality arrows out there.

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