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Thread: 10ft Fiberglass - Convert to Duck hunting boat?

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    10ft Fiberglass - Convert to Duck hunting boat?

    Hey guys...

    Thinking about converting my 10ft Fiberglass that I brought down from up north into a water fowling setup. I don't use it for lake fishing here on the island anymore, but Before I get started, I was wondering if the Fiberglass aspect of it will withstand the modifications compared to going out and buying a 12ft Aluminum, etc... Obviously extra fiberglass and support would need to be added to withstand the bimini frame flex, etc... Maybe a 10ft isn't even big enough?
    It's going to be a winter project for me and my kid...

    Been looking through some of the designs and the build thread on here and really like the ideas of the Bimini top style cover, etc...

    I'm new to the water fowling world so just looking for advice before I get started...


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    Re: 10ft Fiberglass - Convert to Duck hunting boat?

    How much does it weigh? The benefit small aluminum boats is they are fairly easy to drag over obstacles, and hide them up from the shoreline. I’ve seen a couple 12 foot Fiberglas cat hulls that have been modified with a built in duck blind to hunt out of, which seems like a neat idea.

    If if you do proceed, please post pictures of before and after.

    Good luck.

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    Re: 10ft Fiberglass - Convert to Duck hunting boat?

    Ive done a ton of duck hunting out of boats big and small over the years and they are a tricky game. Duck hunting happens in the early mornings and evenings in the dark and requires gear, a ten foot boat fills up fast with you and your kid, it will get you there in calm conditions but isnt safe to build a blind over. Paint it camo and it will be easy to hide then you just sit in a good spot nearby on shore. Shore blinds or even standing in cattails or in waders offers stable safe ground to stand on and better shooting because of it. a 12 foot flat bottom tin boat would be better for duck hunting because they are just a big sled to get through mud and beaver you walk the boat through the tough stuff.

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    Re: 10ft Fiberglass - Convert to Duck hunting boat?

    Hunted out of a 10' glass boat in a marsh for years. I cut the middle seat out and glassed in a strongback for strength. Used it as a layout. Burlap and reed mats. Never tried it with a kid. Can always get out and hide in the reeds.

    Good for the abdominal muscles.

    Oops, didn't check the date. Very old thread.

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