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Thread: Reusable Game Bags

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    Re: Reusable Game Bags

    Prophet River Firearms sells the Caribou Bags. I have used them on moose and caribou and have no complaints. They wash out really well, look and smell like new, I just follow the directions they provide for washing.

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    Re: Reusable Game Bags

    I leave my bags soaking outside in a bucket of water for a few days. Each day I stir the bags and change the water. When the water in the bucket is clear or has very little blood in it I mix in a bunch of bleach. I’ll keep stirring the bags for a few more days to make sure there as clean as possible before throwing them in the washer. Bags usually come out looking brand new and have never smelled.

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    Re: Reusable Game Bags

    careful on how much/how long you do on the bleach if using Chlorine bleach on drastically reduces the strength of the fabric after even a few bleachings.

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    Re: Reusable Game Bags

    Caribou bags, wash up great.
    Looked into buying canvas to make our own, not worth the effort and cost almost as much as all ready made bags.

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