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Thread: Need to make a gear trolly

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    Re: Need to make a gear trolly

    Somewhere I do. It's 4'x8'. Fits in a long box. Used a sheet of plywood for the floor. The frame or box is all angle iron and a couple flat braces on bottom or side. Used like plastic gardening fencing and zap strapped it to angle iron. Best route is stronger axles. You can get mountain bike tires with a 3/4" hole to accept an axle. We just welded nuts and screwed bike tires into. Is fine until load gets heavy enough.
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    Re: Need to make a gear trolly

    IMHO experience dragging crap and gear over various substrates I have come to learn that bike tires are fine except when it matters. Skinny wheels suck in the mud beyond reproach. Best thing I ever did was make a 2 wheel cart with the front wheels off a garden tractor. massive solid axle and 20 pounds of wood/bolts screws. Thing wieghs a ton BUT when balanced it will roll 300 pounds of boat, motor, decoys ,lunch, and WHY as easy as pie over dyke and ditch.

    My axle rides in a groove in a 2x4 and only has maybe 5-6 inches of clearance I thought it would be too low but has not been a problem.

    obviously tons of bike tire trailers are used everyday, not saying they are are'nt great and useful but if mud and swamp is involved wide tires rock.

    At the very least use the tires off of a contractor grade wheel barrow. bushings and rod to fit are cheap and easy to find.

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