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Thread: Some Big Whities For Ya...

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    Arrow Re: Some Big Whities For Ya...

    Certainly NOT The Wrap I was expecting Sir!

    But I do have to admire your stance on the entire thing! KUDOS Indeed!

    Right looking forward to following along as the next adventure develops!!

    Have a Wonderful Christmas Buddy!!

    Cheers & Thanks!

    Egotistical, Self Centered, Son of a Bitch Killer that Doesn't Play Well With Others.

    Guess he got to Know me

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    Re: Some Big Whities For Ya...

    Terrible to hear some loser stole your cards...what a pos!!

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us. Much appreciated!
    Live to Hunt...

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    Re: Some Big Whities For Ya...

    Quote Originally Posted by Ourea View Post
    I looked for the bolt expecting to find a big ketchup stain near by.
    The bolt was located but not where it should have been, it was where the buck was standing, not 10 or 15 feet past.

    I tracked the deer a few hundred meters and not a drop off blood.
    Going back to where the bolt was lying I lined things up back to where I shot from.

    It was obvious I was way low and had shot into his feet.
    I was at least 2 feet low from the aiming point ???

    I had a brace, was 100% comfortable with the shot yet I missed be a ridiculaous amount and on a dandy....fak.

    At least I should have him and the shot on video from the cams set up.
    I dropped my pack to grab batteries and replacement SD cards.
    Boot tracks.

    Someone had stolen the cards out of both cams.
    I simply can't believe people.

    This was not the end to my season I was hoping for nor, could have imagined 30 mins prior.

    This area will be surrendered for next season and I will move on.
    I simply refuse to hunt in an area when you have people like this sharking around.

    I won't lose any sleep over the shot.
    However, I will enjoy reflecting on seeing that stud walk out over and over in my mind.
    There is something to be said for seeing a trophy buck let alone getting a chance.

    I'm good with that.
    Well not a very nice ending sorry to hear that but must say I to have moved from areas because of people like that but
    have learned cant do that much any more for there would be no were to go for sadly they are every where.

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    Re: Some Big Whities For Ya...

    Was the piece of sh** not caught on any of your other cams?
    Post him up here for some public shaming!
    Fastest way to share your pictures:
    click "New Post" button at top then click "upload images"
    choose pic and wait for upload
    right-click : "copy" or "copy link address"
    paste into your post between [IMG ] [/ IMG] tags

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    Re: Some Big Whities For Ya...

    Unfortunate an idiot found your set. I think I spend just as much effort into finding ways to hide from others as I do looking for areas holding deer. Too many idiots and just as many that lack respect

    Are your cams still there? It’s wrong in my opinion but I have met idiots who think it’s ok to take cards home and check them as long as they put them back. I have met more then a few with this dumb theory

    As for the buck thems the breaks

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    Re: Some Big Whities For Ya...

    After reviewing numerous pics of the bucks from this year I am pretty sure is the guy I missed and missed badly.

    I'm all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools. Let's start with keyboards and forums. - F L Wright

    "Statistics are like women; mirrors of purest virtue and truth, or like whores to use as one pleases". ~Theodor Billroth

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    Re: Some Big Whities For Ya...

    You ain't the first one to miss, that's for sure.
    Do it long enough and often enough, it will happen to everyone.
    At least you have something to look forward to.
    Also, at least you got to see such a splendid beast.
    Good Luck

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    Re: Some Big Whities For Ya...

    I’d be going back and spending some time at my spot and watching for the cretinous ******* to return. Some form of frontier justice would be in my mind!

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    Re: Some Big Whities For Ya...

    Dam what a piss off
    but like you said just seeing that bugger makes the hunt
    thanks for the post

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    Re: Some Big Whities For Ya...

    Overlooked the bit on the cards missing from cams.
    Sorry to hear that.
    I never understood why people do that.
    Buddy lost his cams while preparing for the Pitt Lake Rosie hunt last year.
    I have 1 cam but have yet to use it, mostly cause I live in the LM and cant check them regularly, and I suspect
    they would be gone.
    I can see cams being stolen happen when there is snow on the ground.
    People following other's tracks in.
    Generally to learn how others "hunt the area" I suspect, but if the tracks lead to cams, I guess some cant resist.
    People following my tracks over the years is why I really don't leave a cam anywhere, unless I can do it before the snow
    flies, and once it does, and I walk in to check, taking the cam out at that point seems to be the only way I don't have to
    worry about them
    Sucks however.

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