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Thread: is a range finder a useful tool?

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    Re: is a range finder a useful tool?

    Youd' be surprised at how many people say a deer is "250 yards away" but it's actually 400. And vice versa. Very useful, will teach you how to better estimate ranges, all sorts of things.
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    Re: is a range finder a useful tool?

    I'm glad I have mine, use it often.

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    Re: is a range finder a useful tool?

    A bit like Gatehouse is saying, to me it has been a very educative tool. I had it only one season (few months actually) and my field judging of distances has improved quite a lot. Comparing your guess to another's guess... instead, with your RF you have a definite and validated (one should validate his RF) measure.

    We were taking bets, a buddy and I, "how far do you think that tree is?" kind of thing, and after a few attempts, you start learning.

    To me, it's been about recognizing how far is 200 yards, by eyesight, reliably. Below that, it doesn't mater. My rifles are zeroed for 200 yards, and within that range, I just fire. But between 250 and 300 yards, a shot would be different, and that's the range I have learned to regognize. At such distance, I'll use the RF before taking a shot.

    Beyond 300 yards... I need to hunt better, close the gap.

    Just my bit of experience.

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    Re: is a range finder a useful tool?

    Rangefinders are an essential tool when you hunt using archery tackle.

    Way too easy to under/over estimate the yardage - and accurate yardages are one of the keys to success for us bow and arrow jockeys.

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    Re: is a range finder a useful tool?

    I have used a Leica DISTO CLASSIC5 to measure the exact distance to a target at a gravel pit when sighting in our rifles. It has a range of about 200 metres but not really a useful tool for ranging animals.
    Next year Iíll definitely get a Leica Rangefinder 1600 (1600 yards range) for hunting.
    Iíll be zeroing in the 375H&H at 200 yards & the 45/70 GG at 150 yards. With the Rangefinder it will be much easier to account for the extra distance if any.
    Without question a rangefinder is an indispensable tool for long range hunting.
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    Re: is a range finder a useful tool?

    Quote Originally Posted by 2legit View Post
    Is it a useful tool for hunting and target shooting? I need to zero the scope on my rifle and dont go to a rifle range, just into the bush. Is a range finder something you guys use when hunting? How easily do deer, bear elk and moose get spooked and how often do you shoot furthar than 200yrds? I bought one today cause I really want to get my scope on target and like I said I dont go to the range so have no way to judge how far away I am, but if it isn't something that is used often by good shooters then maybe I will just zero the rifle and return it while I can.

    Didn't anyone ever tell you that honesty is a virtue? You bought the range finder and if there is nothing wrong with it you shouldn't be returning it after you use it to 'zero the rifle'....they sold it to you, it wasn't a loaner.
    Just an opinion that had to be expressed.

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    Re: is a range finder a useful tool?

    Use your range finder to sight your rifle in. When you rifle is calibrated to the tool your using for practice and in the field you will know where your rifle is shooting. I own the Leica 1200 and do not leave home without it. With todays rifles there is no reason the average hunter should pass on a 500 yard shot risking spooking the animal by trying to get closer. Buy good equipment and you will have confidence in it and yourself. I mean no disrespect to the other opinions on here. Everyone has their own style of hunting and shooting and my style requires good equipment and a rangefinder is my second most important tool. Buy the tools that fit your style, dont buy gadgets that will get in the way if you dont need them.

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    Re: is a range finder a useful tool?

    Like bowalker said, I think it's essential for bow hunters. I have yet to ever use mine BEFORE the animal was down. That being said, I also agree with gatehouse about how it's a great way to become more accurate in judging distance between you and your target.

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