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Thread: A Screenshot Tutorial on how to post pics from Photobucket to HBC

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    A Screenshot Tutorial on how to post pics from Photobucket to HBC

    First off.....these are going to be screen shots on "how to" use photobucket and then post on HBC. There are 2 different ways of posting pictures on here from photbucket and I just chose this method as it was much easier to show in screen shots rather than using the little yellow "insert image" box in the menu when you are posting or starting a thread.

    There are lots of photobucket 'veterans' on here who may do things slightly different, but this was the most simple tutorial with "pictures" I could capture in screenshots.

    First have your home screen once you have created an account at . Spend a bit of time learning the interface as you can keep folders to help organize your pictures much like you would on your PC. For example instead of having every picture you will ever upload there in one mass file you can create a folder called "Moose Hunt 2010" and upload all the pics from your trip to that folder. Just helps for organizing but that is just what I do to help find pics later.

    So here is a shot of my home screen. You can see the big green button that is for uploading.

    When you click that green will get a pop up that links into "My Documents" on your PC where you can find the pictures you want to upload. If you hold down the CTRL key you can select multiple pics by clicking your mouse on each one you want to upload. Maybe on your first attempt just try doing one picture; once you have selected that picture click "open" in the bottom right hand corner of the Window noted below and it will take you to the next screen that shows you are "uploading"!!!

    This is what you will see as images upload. Depending on the size of the pics, the number of them, your internet speed it may take a while.

    Now....once you have uploaded "successfully" it will take you to a screen to "tag" your pictures if you want or you can just click "save". I don't personally "tag" them, I just save them into the appropriate folder I have created on photobucket.

    Cont'd shortly....
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    Re: A Screen Shot Tutorial on how to post pics - for the "pen and paper" types now you have your photos uploaded, possibly into a folder, possibly just saved in a batch pile of photos.

    Now....we want to get these pics over to HBC. You can get the "IMG" code copied one of two different ways from photobucket. You want to ensure you have 2 windows open at this point; one with HBC and one with photobucket.

    As seen below you just see "thumbnails" of the pictures and if you hold your mouse over the picture a drop down will pop up. You want to "copy" the bottom [IMG] code.

    Or you can click on the picture and bring it up in a larger view and you will see the same list of codes on the left hand side of the screen. Again, just copy the bottom [IMG] code.

    Prior to going to HBC you may want to click to "start" your thread or your "post" and then you can just right click your mouse and "paste" the image code as noted below into the posting screen/view. You can post multiple pictures in there but as I have typed below that you are allowed "six" images (includes smilies), I found out in creating this thread when trying to post "six" images that you are actually only allowed 5 per post. As noted below if you have more than 5 pictures to share; just create multiple posts like I have done in this thread.

    Once you have your images and "story" or text typed on "submit reply" and have just posted pictures to HBC.

    Now this may seem like a long process but once you do it a couple of times it is pretty darn quick and easy to do. This will actually allow you to do the same thing to post pictures in various forums and you will have all of your pics saved in one central spot. So as I do, I can post pics in hunting forums, fishing forums etc using the exact same process for the most part.

    One thing to bear in mind is if you upload your pics to photobucket you may want to "rotate" them and do anything like that on your PC prior to uploading. There is "edit" features on photobucket, but if put down your "pen and paper", you're reading this thread, using it as a tutorial AND finding it helpful; save the editing on photobucket until you've had some time to play around on the site.

    For all you "pros" at using photobucket out there...feel free to add in any steps or pointers you may want to add. I just spent over an hour doing all of this and may have missed a few tips to make things more clear. I work in sales....I am not a teacher.

    Hope this helps you guys/gals who were having trouble.

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    Re: A Screenshot Tutorial on how to post pics from Photobucket to HBC

    How do u get pics to show when looking at posts mine says update account yo allow 3rd party hosting

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