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Thread: Upland humble scary pie

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    Upland humble scary pie

    First bird trip of the year, and it was a great walk in the woods with my son and our pointers. We went to some of our favorite grouse spots and they are gone!! A few birds to shoot at, and the rest flushed wild but no birds in hand. Our dogs worked their tails off for two full days over 5 different spots, and this is the worst I have ever seen it! These were spots that I had previously limited my harvest to two birds in an area just to give them a brake. Anyway, It was still a great trip being out in the woods again.

    On a good note we heard the shots and saw the moose of a group filling their LEH draw, and a few hundred yards later we saw some Louies on the tree line watching us and one was a shooter. Luck for him we were bird hunting. Good luck and safe hunting everybody!

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    Re: Upland humble scary pie

    keep at it those grouse will be there somewhere.

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